Atelier für alle (Studio for All)

What can you do with your enjoyment of dance when you don’t only want to watch but to take an active part? No matter how old you are or whether you have any previous knowledge of dance, this is a place you can develop and hone your dancing skills with other movement enthusiasts.

The Atelier für Alle (Studio for All) is accompanied by the dancer and choreographer Monica Delgadillo Aguilar who has realised community dance projects around the world under the title ‘Dance for Tolerance’.

At the end of the season the communities present their work in the performance ‘Yes.We.Share.’ in the Grosser Saal.  

  • 1 x per week
  • In the rehearsal rooms at Festspielhaus St. Pölten
  • No previous knowledge required!
  • Limited numbers
  • EUR 5 per session


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