Performance Labor (Performance Laboratory)

Now it’s your turn! Did you always fancy want to try out working in various different art forms? Are you aged between 15 and 25 and want to work as part of a team?

At regular intervals since October 2016 we have offered the opportunity through the Performance Laboratory to create art from your own imagination. You work through your ideas, sometimes in the form of dance, sometimes in the form of music, come into contact with audio-visual techniques and next time try things out with texts. In other words: here your ideas become reality.

Run by Ruth Lössl-Brousil, theatre educator, and Katharina Dufek, cultural outreach specialist at the Festspielhaus.

At the end of the season the communities present their work in the performance ‘Yes.We.Share.’ in the Grosser Saal. 

  • 1 x per week
  • In the rehearsal rooms at Festspielhaus St. Pölten
  • No previous knowledge required! 
  • Limited numbers

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