Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Festspielhaus Großer Saal


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» Traditional Hakka folk music, drum compositions by Liang Chunmei, compositions by Maki Ishii, Vincenzo Bellini, Camille SaintSaëns and Gustav Mahler «

Dance  Renowned for its stunning beauty and expressive power, the Taiwanese Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’s style combines ballet with modern dance but also East Asian martial arts, qi gong, meditation and calligraphy. This celebrated company has already had a street and an asteroid named after it in its homeland. In ‘Rice’, the company’s choreographer and founder, Lin Hwai­min, incorporates patterns of the everyday movements of South East Taiwanese rice farmers into the work of the dancers, accompanied by traditional Hakka folk songs as well as the works of Camille Saint­Saëns and Gustav Mahler. Video installations in the background reflect the life cycle of a rice field and illustrate an arresting work about death and rebirth, destruction and resurrection.



  • Lin Hwai­-min , choreography and concept
  • Lin Keh­-hua , stage design
  • Lulu W. L. Lee , lighting design
  • Ethan Wang , projection design
  • Chang Hao-­jan (Howell) , video
  • Ann Yu Chien Li-Ting Huang and Department of Fashion Design from Shih Chien University, costumes design
  • Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

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