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Laurie Anderson

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Laurie Anderson is unique. A timeless musical gem. Hence it is difficult to describe her music, widely dubbed as "electronic". In fact, she doesn’t fit any scheme. Even with the attribute "music" may already be on the wrong track, or at least on a byway of a literal labyrinth of artistic expressions. Laurie Anderson, born in Chicago, resident in New York, is a poet, an actress, a visual artist and a performance artist alike. She creates a spherical synthesis of the arts, creeping under one’s skin and into one’s mind, sometimes threateningly gloomy, then again freeing and liberating. Anderson, though, never gets lost in art for art’s sake. She always addresses concrete issues. On the one hand, personal experiences symptomatic of humanity: anxiety, love, and alienation. On the other hand, highly political subjects, when for instance challenging the hegemonial claims of her home country, the United States, or the power of the media. It is therefore hardly surprising that her genuine path time and again brought her together with other crossover artists, such as Andy Kaufmann, William S. Burroughs, Peter Gabriel or Philip Glass. The self-definition Anderson likes most is very simple: "I am just a story-teller. What I do is the oldest profession of all." An art mastered by only a few – Anderson included.

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Laurie Anderson
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