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Mozart in the Orient

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Mozart’s opera "The Abduction from the Seraglio" stands for the period of the Enlightenment, in which the enemy stereotype of "the Ottoman Empire" was increasingly replaced by a fascination with the "Orient". The connections between occidental and oriental culture and music are manifold. The Arabic oud and the European Laute, lute, liuto descend from a common ancestor – the same word referring to a piece of wood. The Alpine brass band tradition is inconceivable without the military music of the Ottoman janissaries. The appeal of the exotic fascinated numerous European composers from the classical period to the present. On the other hand, musicians from the East concerned themselves with the sounds of the West. In this programme, the old dialogue is updated, classical motives are interpreted and modified, newly adapted by improvisation. Mozart encounters Turkish colleagues, the FisFüz ensemble meets a symphony orchestra. FisFüz unites both worlds in its programmes and its cast, and even more, as the ensemble’s music combines and merges traditions of the whole Mediterranean world and jazz.

Introductory talk with Gottfried Franz Kasparek, 18:30 h, Main Hall

Programme Improvisations and works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Gioachino Rossini et al.

Tonkünstler-Orchestra Niederösterreich. ensemble FisFüz: Annette Maye clarinet and bass clarinet, Murat Coşkun frame drums and percussion, Gürkan Balkan oud and guitar. Conductor Günther Albers

Following the performance, Café Publik: Artist's talk with those involved in the performance

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