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Musikgymnasium Vienna - Mozart: Requiem

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Mozart's Requiem is perhaps the greatest mystery in the history of music. Many questions remain: who really commissioned the piece? How much of it was, in fact, not written by Mozart, and did the dying genius perhaps compose it for himself? These are among the various themes dealt with in scenes performed by young actors along to the music. Nicole Marte is devoted to making music accessible to the wider public. With this performance she demonstrates an exciting and innovative way of teaching music, as well as providing comprehensive teaching materials for teachers who intend to explore the famous piece creatively with their students. 

Programme Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem in D minor KV 626

Orchestra and choir of the Musikgymnasium Vienna. Conductor Richard Böhm. Director Dora Schneider. Concept Nicole Marte.

Onlinetickets will be available in fall 2012!

Tickets EUR 6
Ticket-Line: 02742 908080600 / Discounts


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