• Main Hall

Sylvie Guillem

Life in Progress

Mats Ek, William Forsythe,
Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant

Sylvie Guillem, Brigel Gjoka,
Emanuela Montanari, Riley Watts

Sylvie Guillem – the unique prima ballerina assoluta of our age, a 'monstre sacré' of dance fervently acclaimed by audiences – leaves the stage after over 35 years with an evening created especially for her: 'Life in Progress'. Choreographic works by Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Akram Khan and Russell Maliphant are performed in this four-part evening by Sylvie Guillem, Scala dancer Emanuela Montanari and two further dancers. 'Life in Progress' is a hommage to the life of an extraordinary dancer who after her success as a classical ballerina ultimately chose to work exclusively with contemporary choreographers and toured worldwide with productions such as 'Push' and '6000 miles away'. 'Life in Progress' at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten is Sylvie Guillem's final European performance, after which she will end her incomparable stage career in Japan.

Introduction 18.30, Chamber Music Hall

* Wine tasting

EUR 45, 41, 36, 27, 12


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