Word-Rap mit Yutaka Sado

Zum Saisonauftakt des Tonkünstler-Programms im Festspielhaus steht uns diesmal niemand Geringerer als der Chefdirigent selbst Rede und Antwort. Was Yutaka Sado mit auf die einsame Insel nimmt, was Prokofjew mit Videospielen am Hut hat und was die Welt zu einem besseren Ort machen würde, lesen Sie hier (Interview in englischer Sprache).

The three most important things I would take to a deserted island are …
(1) Golf clubs
(2) Kitchenware
(3) Smartphone or any similar device to watch YouTube

My favorite place in Austria vs. my favorite place in Japan …
Cafés in Austria vs. Bars with a fantastic selection of whiskey in Japan

My remedies against jet lag …
Playing golf from dawn to dusk.

What I miss when I’m in Vienna/when I’m in Tokyo …
I miss "Tonkotsu Ramen,"  noodle in pork bone broth soup, when I am in Vienna, and I miss "Manner" and Austrian white wine when I'm in Japan.

What I’m looking forward to when I come to Festspielhaus …
Sharing music with audiences who are like reassuring supporters or enthusiastic fans to me and to the orchestra.

What makes Mozart special to me is …
His music is composed only of Scales and Arpeggio.

My first (classical music) concert I ever visited was …
As a performer, playing piano in front of audiences at the age of 4.
As an audience, my very first concert attending ALONE was the one by the Don Cossack Choir at the age of 10.

I’m impressed by …
Watching my daughter grow!

If he lived nowadays – Would Mozart have named his opera rather “Cosí fan tutte”?
YES!!! I can not agree more!!!

Prokofiev's music is …
Beautiful and destructively aggressive.
They would make perfect video game music, in a positive and respectful sense.

It would change the world for the better, if …
Believing in teen power.


Foto: Yutaka Sado © TAKEDA Masahiko


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