Chor 50 plus (Choir 50 plus)

The Choir 50 plus brings together singers of all kinds and people who want to become singers in a unique ensemble in which all music enthusiasts from the age of 50 are welcome to take an active part. The choir ventures a long way into unconventional musical territory – to the amazement of some of participants! New pieces are tried and experimented with. And to keep things lively there are also visits by prominent guest teachers representing unconventional musical styles.  On several occasions the results have enabled these singers to amaze audiences for productions in and around the Festspielhaus.

Directed by Flora Königsberger, Gerald Huber-Weiderbauer and Rainer Leithner.

At the end of the season the communities present their work in the performance ‘Yes.We.Share.’ in the Grosser Saal. 

  • 2 x per month
  • In the rehearsal rooms at Festspielhaus St. Pölten
  • No previous knowledge required! 
  • Limited numbers

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