Family 17/18

This time our family programme extends from dance and circus arts through music theatre and classical music. It even includes building a house: art to discover and be amazed by, for young and old alike, everyone is welcome from 5-99!

* This subscription consists of 4 performances in the Grosser Saal,  5 performances in the Kleiner Saal and 1 performance on stage:
EUR 179, 168, 157, 140, 112 (Category 1-5)

* Youth subscription under 26: EUR 80

* 30 % reduction starting from only 6 performances. 

* The cost of subscriptions is reduced according to the number of performances that have been completed. We will be happy to provide information and offer you advice!


SILK Fluegge

Cultural Outreach Dance Festspielhaus Stage

Sold out

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Federspiel . Tonkunstler

Concerto for all from 6-99

Tonkunstler Orchestra Family Orchestral Music Festspielhaus Großer Saal Tu Felix Austria 17/18 Family 17/18

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