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This time our family programme extends from dance and circus arts through music theatre and classical music. It even includes building a house: art to discover and be amazed by, for young and old alike, everyone is welcome from 5-99!

* This subscription consists of 4 performances in the Grosser Saal,  5 performances in the Kleiner Saal and 1 performance on stage:
EUR 179, 168, 157, 140, 112 (Category 1-5)

* Youth subscription under 26: EUR 80

* 30 % reduction starting from only 6 performances. 

* The cost of subscriptions is reduced according to the number of performances that have been completed. We will be happy to provide information and offer you advice!


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Federspiel . Tonkunstler

Concerto for all from 6-99

Family Festspielhaus Großer Saal Tu Felix Austria 17/18 Family 17/18


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