Le Grand Continental: alle tanzen

© Robert Torres

We are looking for passionate amateur dancers for our major participative dance project Le Grand Continental: alle tanzen.

The famous Canadian choreographer Sylvain Émard is transforming the heart of St. Pölten’s art district into a giant open-air stage for his internationally successful dance project Le Grand Continental! Train, laugh and sweat alongside 150 other passionate amateur dancers, test your personal limits and perform Émard’s 30-minute piece, a characteristic blend of traditional elements of line dance and contemporary dance, marking the conclusion of the Festspielhaus season on 5 June 2020.


Who can take part?
Anyone aged 10–99, with or without previous dance experience

Casting appointments
January 20th to 24th 2020, every evening from 7pm to 9 pm

Rehearsal dates
Reahearsal phase I
16 – 26 March 2020,
every Monday and Thursday from 7pm – 9pm

Rehearsal phase II
30 March 2020
1, 15, 17, 20, 23, 27 and 29 April 2020
4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 19, 25 and 28 May 2020
always from 7pm – 9pm

Final rehearsals
starting June 1st
details tba

Open-air performance on the Festspielhaus plaza
5 June 2020 (5:30pm & 10pm)

in cooperation with Büro für Diversität der Stadt St. Pölten
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Do I need to have a dance experience? Who can dance in Le Grand Continental: alle tanzen?

It’s not required to have a dance experience. On the other hand, it’s recommended to have a good sense of rhythm and coordination. We encourage everyone aged of 10 years old and up to join the dance. Please note that the dance rehearsals are very physical and can be rigorous at times.

What do I need to wear for the audition?

You can wear whatever you like, as long as you are comfortable.


How long does the audition last?

The entire process lasts around two hours. Sylvain Émard will first talk about Le Grand Continental project. Afterwards, the candidates will perform a short choreographic excerpt from the show, which Sylvain will have shown you beforehand.

What happens after I audition?

After your audition Sylvain Émard will review all video footage of all auditions and select a final company of 150 dancers who will be part of Le Grand Continental: alle tanzen. Shortly after the dancers have been selected, a full rehearsal schedule with dates, time and locations will be sent to everyone.

Once we are selected can we choose our rehearsal group?

Sylvain Émard will determine the groups’ composition, according to the recruited dancers, so that the cast is well balanced, in terms of age, gender, etc.

Do I need to be there for the entire time?

Yes, it’s important that you commit to the entire rehearsal and performance process. You will be rehearsing twice a week, and you will be needed at every rehearsal.



© Robert Etcheverry

About Le Grand Continental: alle tanzen

Dance/Participation Dance conquers the square outside the Festspielhaus in our season’s grand finale. The Montreal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard brings his concept Le Grand Continental (originally created at the Festival TransAmériques in 2009) to Austria for the first time: 150 dance enthusiasts of all ages, with or without experience, are able to discover the expressive power of dance and the use of their own bodies as a means of communication. Traditional elements of line dance and the expressivity of contemporary art meet in Sylvain Émard’s choreography. An electrifying mix of the atmosphere of a public fete with contemporary dance!


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