Please read the declarations of consent carefully!

Declaration of Consent and Liability

When you participate in the workshops, enter the course rooms and take part in any performances inside or outside the premises of Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH, you do so voluntarily and at your own risk.

Any claims for damages to Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH are excluded unless these are based on wilful or grossly negligent actions. Any liability for damage to persons or property is excluded unless it is caused by employees of Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH.

In order to avoid injuries and damage to the space, especially the dance floor, you are not allowed to enter the classrooms with footwear that is unsuitable for dancing (shoes with heavy rubber soles, metal heels etc.) or shoes without adequate grip (espadrilles, flipflops etc.). Exceptions to this rule are special courses for which this is explicitly permitted or requested.

Physical and mental health is a precondition for participation. In the event of health problems or restrictions, please consult your physician before taking part in the workshops.

Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH can accept no liability for any items you leave in the cloakroom or bring with you. We therefore advise you never to leave valuable items unattended.

Workshop participants are liable for any damage they may cause to persons, property or the premises of the event venue.

Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH will supervise and care for underage participants exclusively for the duration of the workshop and the events organised by Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH. Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH therefore accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for underage participants outside the workshop programme and the events organised by Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH.


Declaration of Consent to Audio and Video Recordings and Photography

Yes, I hereby consent that audio or video recordings or photography made during my participation in Le Grand Continental: alle tanzen (during the workshop and performances) may be used and altered by Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH for advertising and PR purposes, free of charge and without restrictions. This consent may be withdrawn at any time. The withdrawal does not affect any use or processing of the media that has been carried out hitherto; it only applies to the future. In the event of a withdrawal of consent, the media – insofar as is technically possible and within the organisation’s sphere of influence – will no longer be used for this purpose. Print brochures will not be destroyed following a withdrawal of consent, nor will they be partially blurred or obscured.


Consent to Process my Data for Advertising Purposes

Yes, I give my consent that my data may be used by the enterprises of the NÖ Kulturwirtschaft GesmbH corporate group, especially for sending information via email. This consent may be withdrawn at any time via email to or in any other way. If the consent is withdrawn, no more information will be sent. The data will from then on only be used to document the consent and previous use.


You can find further information in our Data Protection Statement.

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