Archive: 15. MM Jazz-Festival

Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Keep on Swinging: Die große Gala


EUR 32, 28, 25, 19, 12

Music/Jazz/Talents Since 2004, Marianne Mendt and her musicians have been on an annual search for Austria's greatest jazz talents. And they find them: Ina Regen, 5/8erl in Ehr'n, Marina & The Kats, Larissa Höfler and Xaver Elias Schutti were not only discovered and promoted by the jazz princess, they are also on the illustrious guest list of the 15th MM Jazz Festival. Also on the bill: Ines Reiger and the MM Big Band, conducted for the first time by Thomas Kugi. A gala evening for jazz!

Marianne Mendt
Ina Regen
5/8erl in Ehr'n
Marina & The Kats
Larissa Höfler
Xaver Elias Schutti
Ines Reiger
Thomas Kugi & die MM Big Band

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