Nicolas Altstaedt . Alexander Lonquich

Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal



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Program text

Ludwig van Beethoven:
» Sonata for Cello and Piano Nr. 1 F-Dur op. 5/1 «
» Sonata for Piano and Cello Nr. 2 g-moll op. 5/2 «
» Sonata for Cello and Piano Nr. 3 A-Dur op. 69 «
» Sonata for Cello and Piano Nr. 4 C-Dur op. 102/1 «
» Sonata for Cello and Piano Nr. 5 D-Dur op. 102/2 «

Classical music  He is both well­versed in the classics and curious about the present: these are the qualities for which Nicolas Altstaedt was awarded the Beethoven­Ring in 2015 – and they provide an ideal combination to discover new and unheard aspects of Beethoven’s cello sonatas. With Alexander Lonquich at the piano, Altstaedt forms a practised team who have fascinated audiences around the world.


  • Nicolas Altstaedt, cello
  • Alexander Lonquich, piano

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