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Dance/performance  This year’s artist in residence Silke Grabinger started her career as “b­girl SILK”, before going on to perform as a dancer with the world famous Cirque du Soleil. She is now director of two different urban contemporary dance companies. In ‘Disastrous’ Silke Grabinger takes a natural disaster as the starting point for an imaginary journey: performers from SILK Fluegge join forces with young people from the St. Pölten area to create images of a possible future – a future they hold in their own hands, just waiting to be filled with life.


  • Silke Grabinger, idea and choreography
  • Olga Swietlicka, production and assistance
  • Angela Vadori, dramaturgy
  • Bianca Fladerer, costume design
  • Jan Derschmidt, lighting design
  • Jerca Roznik Novak, dance and performance
  • Michaela Hulvejova, dance and performance
  • Matej Kubus, dance and performance
  • young persons from St. Pölten

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