Der Frühling macht Musik!

Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal


EUR 18

Music/Play  Greyer than grey and bitterly cold – winter with its swathes of fog and gloomy moods refuses to go away. A little bird keeps trying to use its voice to awaken the spring and snow bells forge a path towards the light. The bird looks for friends to wake spring up along with a mole, a hare and the bees. Will they succeed in driving the fog away and bringing back green leaves, colourful flowers and gushing streams? We want to join them in reviving the sounds of springtime!


  • Marie-Luise Lungenschmid Musikschulmanagement NÖ, concept
  • -----
  • Ensemble Rush Hour , all kind of flutes
  • Nina Raschauer
  • Eva Kerner
  • Simone Finster
  • Douglas Deitemyer

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