Olé olé - viva Espana!

Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal

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Music/Dance  The scent of lemons fills the air, the road is hot from the sunshine and what do we hear? The clack of castanets. We immediately think of Spain – but why is that? How is this specifically Spanish feeling created? Accompanied by a travel guide we set off in search of “spanion” – a special ingredient that conjures up Spanish flair. Fiery Flamenco steps, the galloping rhythm of castanets and brilliant Spanish guitars beyond anything the group have heard before – viva Espana, olé olé!


  • Marie-Luise Lungenschmid Musikschulmanagement NÖ, concept
  • Annegret Bauerle , flutes
  • Judith Bernhard , guitar
  • Clemens Schmidt , guitar
  • Eva Ziller-Rafelsberger , dance and percussion
  • Friederike von Krosigk , castanets and vocals

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