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Festspielhaus Großer Saal


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* Music, dance and lyrics from the Ausseerland about winter and Christmas time


Austrian Folk Music When winter covers the Ausseerland in snow, the Festspielhaus appears in all its pre-Christmas glory. Texts about winter and Advent are combined with musical delicacies from Ausseer Bradlmusi, the brass quartet from Salinenmusik Altaussee and Ennstaler Viergesang. And a very special custom finds its way to St. Pölten with the traditional Knappentanz.


Heilwig Pfanzelter reading, Ennstaler Viergesang, Ausseer Bradlmusi, Bläserquartett der Salinenmusik Altaussee music, Altausseer Knappentänzer dance

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