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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Lucas & Arthur Jussen . Jun Märkl


EUR 45, 39, 34, 28, 12


* Béla Bartók Concerto for two Pianos, Percussion and Orchestra
* Franz Schubert Symphony No. 6 in C major D 589


Classical Music Lucas and Arthur Jussen have made music together since earliest childhood – and you can tell just by listening to them. For years, international concert life has been unthinkable without the brilliant piano duo and, with Béla Bartók’s double concerto, they finally make their first guest appearance with the Tonkunstler Orchestra. The central movement, an atmospheric nocturne, finds its counterpart in the folk-song-like sound of the Andante from Franz Schubert’s "Little C major" Symphony D 589. However, this "little" work packs a big punch! Naturally, this early piece by the 21-year-old composer heralds some of the musical developments of the later "Great C major" Symphony D 944.

Because of the current regulations on Covid-19 prevention, our concert programmes have had to be modified. Franz Schubert’s Symphony in C major D 944 was originally programmed but has been replaced by his earlier symphony D 589 in the same key.


Lucas Jussen piano, Arthur Jussen piano, Jun Märkl conductor, Tonkunstler Orchestra

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