Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Syncope/Béjart fête Maurice/Boléro

  1. Festspielhaus Großer Saal

    Gil Romans rhythmische Choreografie vereint sich mit Highlights aus Maurice Béjarts Œuvre.

    Reserve standby-tickets

    Reserve standby-tickets

    This event is unfortunately already booked out. In order to guarantee the distance regulation for cultural events as prescribed by the Austrian government, only half of our seats are currently available per performance. If you are interested, however, you can have your ticket request put on a waiting list. To do so, please contact the St. Pölten ticket office by phone at 02742/908080600 or by e-mail at karten@festspielhaus.at.


EUR 49, 45, 40, 28, 12




A rhythmic irritation and an ecstatic celebration: visiting Festspielhaus St. Pölten for the first time the acclaimed Béjart Ballet Lausanne presents a magnificent evening of dance in the true spirit of its founder. In t ‘M et variations… Gil Roman, the company’s Artistic Director, pays homage to the creative oeuvre of his predecessor, while in Part Two choreographic highlights from dance icon Maurice Béjart itself are assembled in an ingenious revue.


t 'M et variations…: Gil Roman choreography, Citypercussion – Thierry Hochstätter & jB Meier music, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis soundtrack, Henri Davila costumes, Dominique Roman light design, Béjart fête Maurice: Maurice Béjart choreography, Gil Roman stage, Ludwig van Beethoven, Anton Webern, Johann Strauss u. a. music
Boléro: Maurice Béjart choreography, Maurice Ravel music

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