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Program text

* Works by Francis Poulenc, John Cage, ALMA, Jan Sandström, Heinrich Isaac, Samuel Barber, Richard Strauss, Lukas Haselböck and others

Music/Vocal An impulse, a summons, a rebellion – such is the atmosphere underlying this collaboration between the Chorus sine nomine and ALMA: an expression of resistance towards the constant pressure towards self-optimization in favour of humanity and dignified living conditions for all. Works by such diverse composers as Francis Poulenc, Richard Strauss, Jan Sandström, Heinrich Isaak and John Cage defy constraints on both a thematic and structural level and encourage the audience to act autonomously.


  • Marie-Theres Stickler, Johannes Hiemetsberger, concept
  • Johannes Hiemetsberger, musical conduction
  • Chorus sine nomine
  • ALMA

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