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Music/Pop As an icon of a classier kind of pop music, Tori Amos has explored new musical territory in a whole series of albums. With Night of Hunters – her own adaptation of classical composers ranging from Bach to Debussy – she has topped the U.S. charts. From the very beginning, she showed no fear of a harpsichord or clavichord, working with sounds that were as far from mainstream as it was possible to get. On her last studio albums, Amos produced her own visions of timeless pop songs. Whether on stage or in the studio – Tori Amos manages to create one musical highlight after another. On her latest studio album, she successfully achieved her own version of timeless pop by weaving in both socially relevant and deeply personal themes: Ocean to Ocean seduces with crystal-clear and powerful arpeggio drops as well as simple piano chords. Spherical sounds, strings and choral backgrounds create a mystical mood, while intensely somber verses transform into comforting choruses. Distorted electric guitars act as an instrumental mirror of the raw emotionality in Tori Amos' lyrics. Once again, they move between honest straightforwardness and intricate metaphors. Her unmistakable voice remains the anchor and heart of every composition. With Ocean to Ocean, the artist adds a musical highlight to her multifaceted oeuvre.


Tori Amos

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