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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Igudesman & Joo . Tonkunstler Orchestra


EUR 42, 38, 33, 26, 12

Music/Comedy  "Igudesman & Joo played at my 80th birthday. I almost died laughing", admitted conductor Bernard Haitink, who is nevertheless still going strong at over 90. Millions of people have had the same experience since Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo began taking the world by storm with their hilarious stage shows. They combine pure slapstick with classical and pop music, and feel just as at home in hallowed concert halls as in stadiums of 20,000 people, while also raking in incredible numbers of hits on social media. British humour at its finest combined with instrumental virtuosity and music from Mozart to Morricone!

Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski
«Strange Piano Concerto» (nach Musik von Tschaikowski / Lennon / McCartney) (Bearbeitung: Andrei Pushkarev)

Igudesman Joo
«Where is the remote control?»

Erran Baron Cohen
«Borat Suite»

Aleksey Igudesman
«A very blue danube» nach Musik von Johann Strauss (Bearbeitung: Adolf Schulz-Evler und Aleksey Igudesman)

Hyung-ki Joo
«You just have to laugh» für Klavier und Orchester

Hyung-ki Joo
«Moment MusiCALL» für Violoncello und Klavier

 Aleksey Igudesman 
«Plutney Hopka» für Klavier zu vier Händen

 Hyung-ki Joo 
«Lullaby for Leo» für Violine und Klavier

«La Cucaracha» für Violine und Violoncello (Bearbeitung: Aleksey Igudesman)

Hyung-ki Joo
«My perfect man»

Aleksey Igudesman
«Joyful variations» nach Beethoven

Pharrell Williams


Aleksey Igudesman violin, Hyung-ki Joo piano, Lucy Landymore drumsSohpie Druml Violin & piano, Ania Druml violoncello & piano, Timothy Redmond conductor

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