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Every Body Electric

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Dance/Performance With ‘Every Body Electric’, Uhlich – a former Artist in Residence at the Festspielhaus – once again addresses the non-conforming body. She shows what happens once crutches and wheelchairs have ceased to be technical aids and progressed into body extensions. In this radical performance people with physical disabilities move to throbbing techno beats and shake conventional ideas of energy and strength to their foundations.

Special thanks to Omar Gomez Hernandez and all assistants and performers. Co-Production Tanzquartier Wien, Schauspiel Leipzig & insert (Theaterverein). insert (Theaterverein) is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.


  • Doris Uhlich, choreography
  • Erwin Aljukic, Yanel Barbeito Delgado, Adil Embaby, Sandra Mader, Karin Ofenbeck, Thomas Richter, Vera Rosner-Nógel, Katharina Zabransky, performance
  • Elisabeth Schack, dramaturgy
  • Boris Kopeinig, DJ
  • Gerald Pappenberger, light and stage design
  • Zarah Brandl, costume design
  • Yoshie Maruoka & Theresa Rauter, feedback
  • Margot Wehinger & Theresa Rauter, production
  • Something Great I, international distribution

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