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Festspielhaus Stage

Ryan Djojokarso . Bram Jansen/Jong Korzo production


EUR 18 (free seating)



Dance  You’ve been caught! Now you’re it! Five dancers move around in the space, running, jumping and catching each other. But what are the rules of the game? Whether they’re based on signals, touching or blindfolds: no sooner has one set of rules been established than the next one takes over and changes the game. Who can tell what is going on? Choreographer Ryan Djojokarso and theatremaker Bram Jansen send their ensemble off on an athletic and dynamic challenge.


Ryan Djojokarso choreography, Ryan Djojokarso, Bram Jansen concept, Joost Maaskant music, Jochem Eerdekens, Carlo Camagni, Sammie Hermans, Maria Zhukova, Elizaveta Zhukova performance

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