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Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal

Il Passo Interiore


EUR 29

Music/Chanson Etta Scollo is “the voice of Sicily” – and not only as a singer. The artist from Catania has developed from a versatile chanson singer into a poet and acute social critic. After success in the worlds of jazz, theatre and opera, in her new album Il Passo Interiore she turns to more mundane human fates: the song T’alzasti becomes a hypnotic performance about being relieved of a heavy burden. By contrast Suite per Lampedusa is a plea for humanity in musical form in the face of humanitarian crises. Etta Scollo has the ability to awaken us with gentle sounds and deliver delicate poetry with eloquent integrity.


Etta Scollo vocals & guitar, Susanne Paul violoncello, Cathrin Pfeifer accordion

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