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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Alles wieder gut


EUR 42, 38, 33, 26, 12

Music/Classic/Vocal Everything’s alright again! With this comforting title, Franui with Florian Boesch offer a very special programme on stage: their own compositions and Lieder by Schubert, Mahler and Brahms are illuminated in unconventional performances and loving sketches. A multifarious sound concept filled with passion and complemented by a hypnotic installation from Jonas Dahlberg.


Jonas Dahlberg projection, Florian Boesch baritone
Franui: Johannes Eder clarinet, bass clarinet, Andreas Fuetsch tuba, Romed Hopfgartner soprano & alto saxophone, clarinet, Markus Kraler double bass, accordion, Angelika Rainer harp, zither, voice, Bettina Rainer dulcimer, voice, Markus Rainer trumpet, voice, Andreas Schett trumpet, voice, Martin Senfter valve trombone, voice, Nikolai Tunkowitsch violin

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