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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Adela Zaharia . Yutaka Sado


EUR 47, 41, 36, 29, 12


* Tōru Takemitsu Family Tree for Narrator and Orchestra
* Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 4 G major


Classical Music “The first movement begins as if it could not count to three, but then it goes straight into the large multiplication table and finally counts vertiginously in millions and more millions”: That was Gustav Mahler’s summing-up of his Fourth Symphony, in which once again final matters are faced, but now as hidden depths under a humorous fairy-tale tone, with a final soprano solo granting a glimpse of “heavenly joy”. Yutaka Sado combines another stage of his Mahler cycle with Tōru Takemitsu’s Family Tree, in which a girl pages through her family album and is forced to confront painful truths: in both works, emotional sounds.


Adela Zaharia soprano, Mie Miki accordion, Yutaka Sado conductor, Tonkunstler Orchestra

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