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  1. Solus Amor dreht sich um die Sehnsucht nach Natur und Wundern. Durch die Sprache der Bewegung werden alle miteinbezogen und sollen durch das Stück zum Nachdenken angeregt werden.
    Familienvorstellung ab 7 Jahren

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EUR 45, 39, 34, 28, 12


Solus Amor revolves around the longing for nature and wonder. Through the language of movement, everyone is involved and the piece is intended to stimulate reflection.
Family performance - suitable for children from 7 years

Dance/Acrobatics Directed by artistic director Bence Vági, and fusing contemporary circus with classical and modern dance, Solus Amor is a monumental production that employs “cirque danse,” a language created with and by the company in the course of several years. The production, which evokes the only, primeval energy that spans all space and time, and connects us all, draws its power from the contemporary yearning for nature and wonders. “We are talking about grand, serious subjects,” says Bence Vági, “which concern everyone one way or another. We do so in a form and language that, instead of excluding, accommodate viewers who wish to think. Solus Amor is about faith and love, about nature and the universe.”

Family performance - suitable for children from 7 years


Bence Vági choreography & director, Edina Mókus Szirtes music, Janni Younge Figuren, Péter Klimó stage design, Emese Kasza costumes, Klára Muladi production of costumes, Gábor Terjék sound, Attila Lenzsér, József Pető light design, Renátó Illés choreography of aerial acrobatics , Tamás Vladár technical dereictor aerial design, Zita Horváth rehersal director, Gábor Zsíros artistic assistance to the director, Aliz Schlecht assistance to the director

Gergely Bagdi, László Farkas, Ádám Fehér, Zita Horváth, Renátó Illés, Gáspár Téri, Kristóf Várnagy, Zsanett Veress, Csilla Wittmann, Gábor Zsíros performance

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