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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Osnel Delgado . Mats Ek . Ohad Naharin

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Die 2012 in Havanna gegründete Malpaso Dance Company vereint in ihrem Repertoire gekonnt europäisches Ballett, amerikanischen Modern Dance und traditionelle afro-kubanische Tänze. Im Festspielhaus zeigen die technisch hochversierten TänzerInnen drei ihrer Stücke.



Dance/Contemporary Ballet Founded in 2012, Malpaso Dance Company presents a bravura synthesis of three very different styles; European ballet, American modern dance and Afro-Cuban dance.  In recent years this ambitious company from Cuba has achieved global success with works by leading international choreographers and original productions by its co-founder Osnel Delgado. In St. Pölten its technically brilliant ensemble will showcase the company’s unique contemporary repertoire with three pieces: the evening opens with 24 Hours and a Dog, inspired by a day in Havana and composed by 6-time Grammy Award winner Arturo O’Farrill. An intimate work by Mats Ek is woman with water, that he created for the remarkable Sylvie Guillem under the original title Wet Woman. Ohad Naharin then harnesses the power of the ensemble in a new version of his masterpiece Tabula Rasa, which provides the energetic finale to a Cuban fiesta.


24 Hours and a Dog: Osnel Delgado (in cooperation with dancers) choreography, Arturo O'Farrill composition, Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble music, Al Crawford light, Eric Grass costumes
woman with water: Mats Ek
choreography, Fläskkvartetten Musik, Ana Laguna assistance choreography, Ellen Ruge light
Tabula Rasa: Ohad Naharin choreography and light, Arvo Pärt music, Eri Nakamura costumes

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