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Navy Blue


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Dance  Oona Doherty came to international attention with Hard to be Soft – A Belfast Prayer and Hope Hunt, for which she won the Silver Lion at the 2021 Dance Biennale in Venice. These socially critical pieces by the young choreographer from Belfast place a focus on social inequalities, class and gender roles. Here she refers back to a language of movement taken from dance and theatre which is as raw as it is poetic. In Navy Blue she works though a wide range of associations – ranging from the colour itself through pain and loneliness and blue-collar figures as symbols of the working class to reflections on the structural exploitation of the workforce and of nature in general.


Oona Doherty Art Direction, Oona Doherty in Zusammenarbeit mit den Tänzer:innen Choreography, Jamie xx Music, Oona Doherty und Bush Moukarzel Text, Nadir Bouasria Stage and Projections, Oona Doherty und Lisa Marie Barry Costume Design, John Gunning Light Design, Gabrielle Veyssiere Management, Virginie Reymond Administration, Lea Connert Production, Amancio Gonzalez Miñon, Andréa Moufounda, Arno Brys, Louise Gourvelec, Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold, Joseph Simon, Mathilde Roussin, Ryan O'Neill, Sati Veyrunes, Thibaut Eiferman, Tomer Pistiner, Zoé Lecorgne, Magdalena Öttl Dance


In co-production with Kampnagel International Summer Festival, Sadler's Wells, Venice Biennale, Théâtre National de Chaillot, Dance Umbrella Festival, Maison de la Danse, Belfast International Arts Festival, Dublin Dance Festival, Torino Danza, Julidans Festival and MC2. With the support of the Ministry of Culture Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d'Ile-de-France. Partners: Pavillon Noir – Aix en Provence, KLAP – Marseille

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