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Jedermann Reloaded Symphonic


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Music/Play Philipp Hochmair is Jedermann. And what a Jedermann! In his high-octane, post-apocalyptic rock version the actor of the moment allows himself to be propelled through this modern mystery play on the devilish guitar riffs and experimental sounds of the band Elektrohand Gottes. After many acclaimed performances, the project can now be seen in a compelling version with Philharmonie Salzburg that is guaranteed to burn itself deep into your auditory nerve.


Philipp Hochmair play (Jedermann, all characters), Christa Ratzenböck mezzo soprano, Elisabeth Fuchs conductor, Philharmonie Salzburg music, Die Elektrohand Gottes: Tobias Herzz Hallbauer guitar, Jörg Schittkowski electronic sound, Alwin Weber percussion, Hanns Clasen sound and light design

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