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Corps extrêmes


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Dance/Acrobatics  Between the fear and thrill of heights, childish fantasies and grand utopias, flying has fascinated human beings since time immemorial. Where does this desire to leave the earth behind come from? What moves us to balance on a tightrope, to climb up a sheer cliff face and deliberately to place ourselves in danger? In Corps extrêmes choreographer Rachid Ouramdane, along with ten circus artists and practitioners of extreme sports, reflects the amazing abilities and strengths that people have – but also their fragility.  On stage the spectacular aerial choreography not only reveals a poetry of flight but also the calmness, self-control and concentration that are needed in extreme situations such as these.


Rachid Ouramdane Choreography, Jean-Baptiste Julien Music, Jean-Camille Goimard, Stéphane Graillot Light, Camille Panin Constume Design, 10 Performers Dance/Acrobatics

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