Richard Strauss

Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Nikola Hillebrand . Jun Märkl

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  1. Festspielhaus Großer Saal

    Das Lied war für Richard Strauss die persönlichste Gattung. Unter der Leitung von Jun Märkl rollen die Tonkünstler nun der betörenden Stimme von Nikola Hillebrand einen roten Teppich aus und lassen Strauss’ beliebte Kunstlieder und Tondichtungen erklingen.

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EUR 52, 45, 39, 30, 12

For Richard Strauss, the Lied was the most personal, intimate genre, and it would stay with him throughout his life: from his beginnings in composition via his successes with symphonic poems and great operatic triumphs to his final years. Conducted by Jun Märkl, the Tonkunstler roll out a red carpet for the beguiling, golden voice of Nikola Hillebrand in a programme that initially harks back to a concert overture written by a 19-year-old Strauss and finally indulges the audience with his musical setting of the adventures of the lover «Don Juan», who swings between Eros and Thanatos, along with the humorously cryptic pranks of «Till Eulenspiegel»: a pleasure of legendary proportions.

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