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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Herbert Pixner Projekt . Lorenz C. Aichner


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Music/Crossover  Alpine folk music meets the classical symphony! Herbert Pixner shows it can be done – and without any clichés: In Symphonic Alps, the Herbert Pixner Project’s unmistakable sound and infectious love of improvisation meet the sonic power and versatility of the Tonkunstler Orchestra. The finest of contemporary Alpine world music encounters jazz, flamenco, blues and tango. Right from the first note, everything revolves around the relationship between these two ensembles that are so different yet possess a common denominator: music – full of passion, spirit and pleasure!


Herbert Pixner Multiinstrumental, Heidi Pixner Harp, Manuel Randi Guitar, Werner Unterlercher Contrabass, Mario Punzi Drums, Max Castlunger Percussion, Lorenz C. Aichner Conductor, Tonkunstler Orchestra

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