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Soul Chain


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Dance  A dark stage space and hammering beats. Seventeen dancers in rhythmic unison form a single, pulsating organism. With her distinctive choreography to powerful electronic music, Sharon Eyal creates dance pieces that get under the audience’s skin. Her unmistakable style, highlighting the strangeness of a refined ballet technique, has made the Israeli-born artist one of the most sought-after contemporary choreographers. For her creation Soul Chain, developed with the ensemble tanzmainz, Eyal was inspired by desire and love. This high-energy work was awarded the German Theatre Prize ‘Der Faust’ in 2018.


Sharon Eyal Choreography, Gai Behar Artistic Direction, Rebecca Hytting Costume Design, Ori Lichtik Music, Alon Cohen Light and Stage Design, Rebecca Hytting, Tom Weinberger Assistant to Choreographer, Natalia Rodina Rehearsal, Elisabeth Gareis, Daria Hlinkina, Cassandra Martin, Nora Monsecour, Amber Pansters, Maasa Sakano, Marija Slavec, Milena Wiese, Zachary Chant, Paul Elie, Finn Lakeberg, Christian Leveque, Federico Longo, Cornelius Mickel, Jaume Luque Parellada, Matti Tauru, Alberto Terribile Dance


A Staatstheater Mainz production.

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