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Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal

Mozart & More


EUR 29 (free seating)

Program text

* works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Darius Milhaud, Niccolò Paganini, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Chamber Music The Vienna Clarinet Connection takes its listeners on a journey through sound and time entitled Mozart & More: since 1995 the quartet has consistently crossed musical boundaries while taking inspiration from Mozart’s appreciation of the woodwind ensemble that once performed his Adagio in B. Its four virtuosi do not confine themselves to classical works, also exploring modern concert genres such as jazz, latin, samba and klezmer. For example, they might play George Gershwin’s timeless hit ‘Summertime’, Mike Curtis’s ‘Klezmer Wedding’ or works by Darius Milhaud and Percy A. Grainger.


  • Helmut Hödl, clarinet
  • Rupert Fankhauser, clarinet
  • Hubert Salmhofer, basset horn
  • Wolfgang Kornberger, bass clarinet

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