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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Sabine Meyer . Yutaka Sado


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* Carl Maria von Weber Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No. 1 f minor op. 73
* Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 3 d minor, third version from 1889


Classical Music Its conclusion in D major is triumphant – but Anton Bruckner could only attain the Third Symphony’s final form after arduous struggles and transformations. The monumental first version was dedicated to Richard Wagner and seasoned with quotations from the revered master, but over the next 18 years the symphony became ever more compact. The final version played here was completed in 1889 and is without doubt the most focussed and rigorous. Tonkunstler Orchestra Music Director Yutaka Sado continues his Bruckner interpretations with this gripping key work, after rejoicing with the great Sabine Meyer in Carl Maria von Weber’s song-like and virtuosic Clarinet Concerto in F minor.


Sabine Meyer clarinet, Yutaka Sado conductor, Tonkunstler Orchestra

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