Flamenco puro

Flamenco puro
© Luis Castilla Fotografia
Israel Galván is continually searching for true freedom and fearlessly trying new things. The artist has long since broken with the typical flamenco role of the solo dancer and he no longer choreographs only for himself, but also for other flamenco stars, whom he has invited to join him in this new creation. A recent guest at the Festspielhaus with Akram Khan and the enthusiastically received ‘TOROBAKA’, in his so-called “flamenco puro” choreography, Israel Galván brings together new techniques and sequences of movement from dance theatre and contemporary dance. For this bailaor, flamenco is much more than tradition. It is a way of life, a form of existence that Galván celebrates in his new work and invites familiar companions and guests to a brilliant natural fiesta of glances, words, songs, greetings, dances and farces.

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