House regulations

1. These internal regulations cover the use of all spaces within the Festspielhaus. All employees and visitors as well as all tenants and their employees to be found on the site are subject to these regulations. The tenant must be aware of the internal regulations applying to the Festspielhaus and agrees to ensure that these are upheld. The tenant particularly agrees to treat all buildings, spaces and object used with due care, in a professional manner and for their stated purpose. Failure to comply with these internal regulations and other rules of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH may lead to entry to the Festspielhaus being refused permanently.

2. The Festspielhaus may only be entered by the vehicular and pedestrian entrances intended and approved for this purpose. Persons not belonging to the organization are permitted to enter the building only after they have presented themselves beforehand at the stage door solely for business purposes or with the explicit permission of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH. During guided tours only those routes which have previously been agreed may be used by the audience. Climbing over barriers is forbidden. Staff accompanying guided tours are required to ensure that the internal regulations in general and the above points in particular are upheld. Officials, agents, staff and other employees of the tenant are required to produce identification. The number of identity cards issued by the tenant must be communicated to the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH. Such forms of identification are not valid as entry tickets and do not entitle the bearer to a seat in the auditoria. 

3. Entry to dressing rooms and practice rooms is only permitted to those directly working there. Entry to the stage, technical areas, working galleries etc. is only permitted to authorized personnel. Those authorized are the employees of the technical department of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH plus persons working under their command and/or authorization. Notice will be given when it is possible to visit rehearsals. The tenant or a representative authorized to act on his/her behalf must be present and contactable outside the auditorium at all times during the performance. 

4. The introduction of video and audio recording devices is forbidden. Latecomers may only be admitted to performances during intervals.

5. The visitor acknowledges that during his / her presence at the Festspielhaus, he / she may be subject to image and sound recordings. This is done for marketing and PR purposes (especially current news reporting). The visitor has the right to object. We assume though, that only in special cases the legitimate interests of the depicted persons in individual cases can predominate. Further information on data protection at

The visitor agrees to make no claims whatsoever regarding the use of the picture and sound recordings.

6. The Festspielhaus will be closed one hour after the end of the performance or rehearsals. Entry to the Festspielhaus is no longer permitted beyond this time. Receptions and similar events are required to close by midnight at the latest. Particular notice is made that, with the exception of employees of the technical department, the stage area may only be entered during rehearsals and performances, and at such times solely by those involved directly in those said rehearsals and performances. 

7. The exhibition of posters, setting up of promotional material (e.g. blow ups), distribution of printed matter and other advertising in the building, around the building or outside the building and in the car park may only be carried out with the prior consent of the management of Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH, in those places agreed according to the amount of space available by employees of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH.

8. The consumption of food and drink is only allowed within the permitted areas (catering and rest areas). Particular notice is made that no one is allowed to enter the auditoria and the stage carrying food and drink. 

9. Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden. This applies to all staff on duty as well as outside contractors hired by the tenant.

10. Smoking and naked flames are forbidden inside the Festspielhaus. This applies especially to offices, foyers, corridors and dressing rooms. Attention is drawn to the fire regulations to which all employees and tenants are obliged to adhere. The fire regulations are available at the stage door for anyone to read.

11. When the fire alarm is heard you should leave the Festspielhaus by the nearest available exit. Follow the green signs indicating the exits. The lifts may not be used at such times.

12. Decoration of the auditoria and other spaces requires the prior consent of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH and must be carried out according to its instructions. The tenant is liable for any damage caused. Only fire resistant materials may be used.

13. The volume of music may cause risk of injury to hearing and health, for which no form of liability will be accepted. The tenant must regulate the volume of the equipment he/she uses in the performance space he/she has rented in such a way as not to disturb other performances or rehearsals in the other spaces.

14. No pets are permitted inside the Festspielhaus.

15. The cloakrooms intended for public use are run exclusively by the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH. Coats, umbrellas and sticks are to be placed in the appropriate racks. No liability is accepted for valuables contained in clothing, bags and rucksacks. Taking these into the auditorium or leaving them in other places is not allowed. The artists’ dressing rooms contain lockable wardrobes. No liability for objects left either there or in other places is accepted by the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH.

16. Individuals are personally liable for all cases of loss, injury or damage caused by disregarding these internal regulations and the regulations covering the prevention of accidents.

17. Parking is permitted only in the public underground car park. Deliveries should be agreed with the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH. Means of transport may not be left unattended in outdoor areas of the site.

18. All carriageways, emergency exits and exits must remain unimpeded. Items of furniture, chairs and benches must not be removed from their positions and set up in carriageways or in standing areas. Standing room is only permitted in designated standing areas.

19. In the event of crisis or danger on the evening of a performance, the relevant official project manager is empowered to act on behalf of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH to make necessary decisions regarding the employees of the Niederösterreichische Kulturszene Betriebs GmbH, members of the public and any external presenters, tenants etc.

20. In the event of parties or use of the catering facilities after performances, closing time and the time by which the building must be cleared will be determined by the official project manager. Clearing the building is to be carried out by security personnel.

21. Lost property should be left without delay at the stage door and will be returned on proof of ownership.

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