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» Johann Sebastian Bach Weihnachtsoratorium Kantaten 1–3, 6 «

Music/baroque/vocals  Almost 300 years after its first ever performance the Christmas Oratorio is now more popular than ever: with its magnificent choruses, moving arias and intelligent recitatives it represents the ultimate in listening pleasure. Here the oratorio is entrusted to the expert hands of Chor Ad Libitum, Barucco and Heinz Ferlesch, who will bring Bach’s world of sound to new life.


  • Barucco , contributors
  • Chor Ad Libitum , contributors
  • Elisabeth Wimmer, soprano
  • Ida Aldrian, alto
  • Daniel joh, Evangelist and arias
  • Matthias Helm, bass
  • Heinz Ferlesch, musical direction

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