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» Béla Bartók 7 Microcosmos «
» Johannes Brahms Ungarische Tänze Nrn. 1, 20, 5 «
» Béla Bartók Sonata ffor 2 Pianos and Percussion «

Classical music  They are the best piano duo around: what holds Katia and Marielle Labèque together is not only the fact that they are siblings but also an intense musical relationship. They have astonished audiences around the world with the perfect synchronicity of their playing and their tireless search for the new. Whether they are playing Brahms or a 20th century composer, the Labèque sisters make every piece of music sound as if it is being created in that very moment.


  • Katia Labèque, piano
  • Marielle Labèque, piano
  • Simone Rubino, percussion
  • Andrea Bindi, percussion

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