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Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal

Planet Globokar


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» Music composed and inspired by Vinko Globokar «

Musical theater  Planet Globokar is an unusual place: trombones are connected to garden hoses, clarinets played under water and stones thrown onto a cymbal. The Studio Dan ensemble playfully explores new soundscapes and the wonderfully experimental music of Slovenian­French composer Vinko Globokar.

Produced by Studio Dan, KinderKinder (Hamburg) and Theater am Ortweinplatz (Graz), coproduced by Wien Modern, Dschungel Wien and La Strada.


  • Manfred Weissensteiner, director
  • Nina Ortner, lighting design and video
  • Werner Wallner, stage design
  • Stephan von Löwis, production
  • Studio Dan, music and theater
  • Daniel Riegler, musical direction

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