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Music/folk music  This year’s concert by Volkskultur Österreich highlights the feminine side of music making. Each of the works that make up the evening’s programme is performed exclusively by women. Chorszene Nieder­ österreich’s women’s choir project, the TexSinger trio from the Mostviertel, Die Hoameligen from the Tyrol, the FriesacherFrauenZimmerMusi from Styria and the harp duo saitnvakehrt from Vienna and Lower Austria present songs and ballads by and about women on the Festspielhaus stage with great charm and consummate musical skills.

Produced by Volkskultur Niederösterreich and Festspielhaus St. Pölten.


  • Projektchor der Chorszene Niederösterreich
  • TexSinger 3er
  • Die Hoameligen
  • FriesacherFrauenZimmerMusi
  • Harfenduo saitnvakehrt
  • Dorli Draxler, presentation and concept
  • Edgar Niemeczek, presentation and concept

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