Archive: Maske in Blau

Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Bühne Baden


EUR 49, 45, 40, 30, 14

Program text

» Operetta von Fred Raymond «

Operetta  A mysterious stranger has sat for the painter Armando Cellini’s award­winning portrait ‘Mask in Blue’, promising to return a year later and reveal her identity. When the lady does indeed return to Armando’s studio twelve months later, the complications begin. Several musical numbers from ‘Mask in Blue’ became popular hits, making the operetta – which exists in numerous film versions and can be seen at the Festspielhaus in a production by Bühne Baden – an enduring favourite.


  • Oliver Ostermann, musical direction
  • Thomas Enzinger, production
  • Toto
  • Alexander Grünwald, choreography
  • Maya Boog, cast
  • Jevgenij Taruntsov, cast
  • Caroline Frank, cast
  • a. o.

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