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Program text

» Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata for Piano and Violin A-Dur op. 47 „Kreutzer-Sonate“ «
» Text by Andrea Clemen «

Classical music/recitation  Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy and Sofia Andreyevna Tolstaya wouldn’t let each other get away with anything, as is evident from their letters, which Andrea Clemen has shaped here into an absorbing chamber piece. Performed by Brigitte Karner and Peter Simonischek, the Tolstoys’ correspondence turns into an open­ended argument. Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer Sonata’, which inspired Tolstoy’s novella of the same title, underscores the evening, played by Hemma and Freya Tuppy.


  • Peter Simonischek, recitation
  • Brigitte Karner, recitation
  • Hemma Tuppy, piano
  • Freya Tuppy, violin

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