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Circus/acrobatics/live music  With their musical circus play ‘Seasons’ an international ensemble from the Graz festival La Strada rediscover the baroque era. Inspired by the paintings of Pieter Bruegel, Adrian Schvarzstein places scenes of everyday life and interpersonal relationships on stage with crupulous sensitivity and witty charm. Live music, light­footed acrobats and dream­like settings combine in a pulsating multiform artwork.

Produced by La Strada Graz, coproduced by Theater op de Markt, Dommelhof, Neerpelt (Belgien) and commisioned by Théâtre de Thalie, Montaigu (Frankreich).


  • Adrian Schvarzstein, creation, acrobatics and acting
  • Linn Broden, acrobatics and acting
  • Esther Slanzi, acrobatics and acting
  • Jonas Slanzi, acrobatics and acting
  • Jenni Lehtinen, acrobatics and acting
  • Sasu Peistola, acrobatics and acting
  • Juan Ullibarri, live music
  • Ensemble Le tendre amour , live music
  • Musicians of Neue Hofkapelle Graz , live music

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