London Brass

Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Christmas with London Brass


EUR 45, 39, 34, 28, 12

Music/Brass  Four trumpets, four trombones, a horn and a tuba – for over 30 years London Brass have filled the concert halls of the world with their love of music. Charming interpretations, jazzy allusions and sensitivelyjudged arrangements ranging between trad and classical also form the basis for their scheduled Christmas programme: Vivaldi’s ‘L’Inverno’ sounds even more celebratory from their brass instruments, while classics like ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ offer a lighter contrast.


  • Andrew Crowley , trumpet
  • Gareth Small , trumpet
  • John Barclay , trumpet
  • Christian Barraclough , trumpet
  • Lindsay Shilling , trombone
  • Byron Fulcher , trombone
  • Richard Edwards , trombone
  • David Stewart , trombone
  • Richard Bissill , bugle
  • Oren Marshall , tuba

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