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Bumm Krach Peng


EUR 18

Music/Theatre  ‘Bumm Krach Peng’ is the story of an unusual boy who doesn’t want to learn how to speak and expresses himself only through music and sounds. However, other people can’t understand him. The ensemble werk89 use a combination of gripping drama and live music played on a wide range of musical instruments and sound-generating objects they have built themselves to create a space where children can spontaneously develop their own creativity.


  • Nana Milčinski , concept and text
  • Peter Kus , concept and text
  • Andreja Rauch Podrazavnik , choreography
  • Dan Adlešič , set design
  • Michael Pöllmann , performance
  • Krištof Hrastnik , performance
  • Urška Cvetko , performance

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