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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Alain Platel/Fabrizio Cassol: Requiem pour L.

Austrian Premiere



EUR 45, 39, 34, 28, 12

Performance/Live Music  Alain Platel’s intense examination of death turns into a celebration of life: in his new piece ‘Requiem pour L.’ the Belgian star choreographer presents film recordings of a woman who allowed him to document her passing away and use this as the basis of an artwork. Platel’s ‘Requiem’ is dedicated both to the unknown L., but also “elles”, all women, all people and to life itself. The evening’s second notable absentee is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose ‘Requiem’ remained incomplete on his death in 1791. Alain Platel, together with the composer Fabrizio Cassol, has created a modern reconstruction of this fragment: African singers, jazz and Caribbean rhythms lend the fragment a contemporary note and depict rites of mourning and grief.


  • Alain Platel , direction and set design
  • Fabrizio Cassol , music
  • Rodriguez Vangama , conductor, guitar and electric bass
  • Carlo Bourguignon , light design
  • Carlo Thompson , sound design
  • Dorine Demuynck , costume design
  • Boule Mpanya , vocals
  • Fredy Massamba , vocals
  • Russell Tshiebua , vocals
  • Nobulumko Mngxekeza , vocals
  • Owen Metsileng , vocals
  • Stephen Diaz , vocals
  • Rodrigo Ferreira , vocals
  • Joao Barradas , accordion
  • Kojack Kossakamvwe , electric guitar
  • Niels Van Heertum , euphonium
  • Bouton Kalanda , likembe
  • Erick Ngoya , likembe
  • Silva Makengo , likembe
  • Michel Seba , percussions

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